From 21/02 to 27/02 you’ll get a poly containing the exclusive set 30255 “Crawly” when you purchase the Danish magazine “Anders And & Co.” (Donald Duck & Co.). As reported by, the feature was supposed to be a Chima DVD, but something went wrong somewhere and they substituted the DVD with set 30255. The DVD will be the free give away from the magazine in week 12.

Scan of the polybag:

Instructions side A:
The link in the QR code is:

Instructions side B:

Apology letter from the Donald Duck magazine
In English (my translation):

Dear Anders And reader

Unfortunately we’ll have to inform you, that we mistakenly said, that you’d get a LEGO® Chima DVD with Anders And & Co. edition 8. You will get this DVD with the big Easter edition in week 12. With this Anders And magazine, you get a very special LEGO® figure, Crawley, from the new LEGO® universe: “Legends of Chima”.


Parts in the polybag: